Saturday 24 December 2022

Basic English 1: Elementary Course



Welcome to Basic English 1: Elementary Course, a comprehensive course offered by designed to guide you through your initial steps in learning English. This course covers fundamental topics that will empower you to feel confident and at ease in basic interactions. You will learn how to introduce yourself, ask common questions, and engage in conversations with English speakers. highly recommends this course for its invaluable content.

About This Course

In today's interconnected world, learning English has become essential in nearly every sphere. This course is tailored to provide beginners with the foundational knowledge needed to introduce themselves, share information about their hobbies and job preferences, ask everyday questions, and develop other crucial language skills. The curriculum enhances listening skills, builds vocabulary, and refines grammar, ensuring that you can understand and communicate effectively.

The course fosters speaking skills by facilitating interactions with diverse English learners. The language proficiency acquired during this course will prove beneficial for future university studies. Organized by King’s College London, one of the best universities, this course offers a valuable learning experience.

What You Will Learn

  • This outstanding course offers the following advantages:
  • Mastery of essential topics to initiate English conversations.
  • Engaging in meaningful discussions with fellow learners to enhance listening, speaking, and overall language skills.
  • Crafting appropriate responses to common questions in everyday communication.

Join the Course

This presents a golden opportunity for immigrants worldwide to study English for a better and more accessible future life and career opportunities. However, this free and practical course is also ideal for beginners eager to embark on their English learning journey.

The course spans four weeks, requiring four hours of effort each week. Upon completion of assigned tasks, participants will receive a certificate. Register now without hesitation to enjoy the benefits of this valuable course.

Note: Please communicate in English.

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